5 Common Missteps to Avoid to Step up to a Successful Digital Marketing Journey

Internet has formed a web to enable strong and higher degree of connectivity. Today everything is made available through digital services, it is obvious to find people to mentally travel across online platforms rather than physically travel across offline or market areas. This is the sole reason why the pillars of digital marketing needs to stand smart and strong to baby sit the needs, requirements and basic aspirations of your potential customers. The digital mother have to effectively and efficiently work upon the market strategy that it doesn’t only seems vaguely available but it must inform, close reach, engage, entertain its target audience.

The digital marketing journey is not going to be a bed of roses. You are bound to make much thorn like mistakes. You may feel that you are unable to generate enough traffic, lead conversations, and boost enough sales. Don’t worry you are not alone. Even the most experienced professionals have to go through the wounded phase where they are unable to yield the desired results. Accordingly to Econsultancy, roughly 22% of the businesses are happy with conversion rate on their campaigns.

Are you ready to work upon these common mistakes?


  • NOT HAVING A CLEAR OBJECTIVE: One of the biggest blunders is to just brainstorm cloudy ideas and dream big plans in their mind only. Most people do cater romantic vision of their plans but they do not pen it down on a fresh piece of paper. Experts argue that in order to sky shoot success, its vital to bold mark your targets, set KPIs (form submission, calls or sign-ups etc.) and set strong analytics against those targets.
  • NOT WORKING UPON KYC PRINCIPLE: The first step is to Know Your Customer (KYC principle), which means understanding demographics and psychographics of the target audience. Even if your business is creating excellent content, it will fail to satisfy your customers if the marketing message is not in sync with the market needs and desires. To get noticed your niche target will have to outline its bold side on the web.

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You have to develop user personas, place tracking pixels and cookies, shortlist the interests in the audience selection, to make sure that your content and ads are attracting the right people.

  • NOT BECOMING MOBILE-FRIENDLY: Mobile has become the most dominant digital device due to meet multiple needs of people. Today the world can access to anything and everything with just a mobile phone that they carry in their tiny pockets. From communication to business growth, it caters to your all-in-one needs. So, if your digital strategy is sidelining the mobile use, then you are going to miss a bucketful of engagement for your business. You will need to take up this mobile-first and mobile-driven strategy very seriously.
  • NOT ESTABLISHING A BOND BETWEEN SALES AND MARKETING: One of the biggest mistakes is not to hold sales, business development and marketing together. Due to this the central message is not going to appear clearly across the web portal. Your chances of success will multiply if your sales are backed with a marketing strategy and the message being communicated on marketing channels.
  • NOT POLISHING YOUR KEY SKILLS: You need to upgrade your marketing tools to attain success for your digital business. It will require you to diligently work around analytics, SEO, digital advertising and content marketing to shout out impressive and expressive appearance on the web.

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