Tips for a Stronger Brand Vision Statement

A vision is the torch of the torchbearer to move ahead. It shows the way forward and a clear vision ensures a smooth journey to glory. And a brand vision leads the company. It compared to the preamble of a constitution. It’s a brief, precise and concise statement speaking massively about the missions and aspirations of the business house. For a brand, a brand vision carries it forward. Moreover, a brand vision conveys its motto and what it stands for.

A brand vision statement should be catchy, articulate and powerful. It should be easily understandable, clear and leave a lasting impression on the reader’s mind. However, it should not be too generic or ambiguous. The audience should be able to feel the genuineness and ingenuity of the theme of the brand vision. A noble statement about the brand, acting as its vision statement, attracts maximum numbers in terms of potential clients. This, in turn, builds a positive repo between the people and the brand. It is bound to enhance the engagement ratio and augment the business volume.

A brand vision statement should be ambitious and at the same time realistic and achievable. As a vision is a guiding principle for future actions, it must be ambitious. This will ensure the growth and expansion of the business. Furthermore, the ambition engraved in the vision statement of the brand should be realistic. To ensure the same, the business house must do everything possible to accurately assess its market position, product quality and the category they belong to. An ambitious yet realistic vision statement builds confidence in its clients’ minds.

The vision statement should be broad and include the big picture for future.  It should not be simply driven by financial growth and expansion business. Rather it should have a humanistic approach and focus on the betterment of the society as a whole. It should be profound and have the ability to inspire.

A vision statement for a brand should be business specific. It should be able to portray the uniqueness and nobility of the products of the brand. A business-specific vision statement enables it to express its desire and ability to contribute to make a positive impact on the lives of the members of a society. It also assists in targeting the customer base.

To be clear about the output of the brand is another important thing for making an impressive brand vision statement. The brand vision statement should focus on the desired output rather than on the plethora of input factors. The vision statement must include what it wants to achieve through the product. For instance, a restaurant makes food and its vision statement may be to make hygienic and tasty food to take care of both health and satisfaction of palate of its customers. All restaurants produce food but the important factors here are hygiene and good taste.

A great vision statement of a brand always quantifies, in some form or the other, what it wants to achieve. For instance, a hotel wants to achieve a five-star rating. Most of the time, business houses leave the quantification to a later stage arguing that they would arrive at it after processing some production and marketing the products. But a clear quantified vision statement actually provides a proper yardstick as well as the focal point.

Finally, a good brand vision statement always includes human values in it. It is very near to real world scenario yet very impressive. One last trick is to use unconventional keywords in place of generic ones.

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