With the onset of 2019, the digital marketing landscape is witnessing a shift towards new technologies and advancements that are going to shape the upcoming future of this field. We have already seen that the field of marketing has changed enormously in the past two years as compared to the past 50 years. Different digital marketing trends and strategies are evolving and all the businesses need to keep an eye out to be on track with the new trends to achieve maximum output. Here is a list of the top trends of 2019 that will affect the marketing strategies and will evolve digital marketing for the future.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is considered to grow more than fifty percent among marketers in the next two years. AI will enhance personalization and marketing automation for different applications. It will also help in analysing consumer behaviour. One of the biggest benefits of AI will be improving customer support and experience which will eventually improve the products and services being offered. Despite few businesses using it now, AI is supposed be a crucial part in the upcoming time. Big organisations like Facebook have become aware of the endless possibilities with AI and have already incorporated it in their business.

Video Marketing

As people with smartphones grow immensely, so does the consumption of data. People spend most of the time watching videos on their devices and reports suggest 82% of total internet traffic would be video driven by 2021. People have already shifted from traditional television boxes to smartphones to watch their chosen content at the touch of their fingerprints. This trend shift has already caught the eye of the advertisers and marketers who are expected to spend 20 billion on mobile video in 2019 as compared to only 2 billion in 2015. This growth already shows the potential that video marketing holds.

Visual Search

Visual search has been out there for a while now and many of you may have even used it on Pinterest, the current leader in this field which has been offering visual search for a while now where you can take a photograph of any item and get results based on the photograph. This technology must have just be seen as a gimmick until now but is going to be one of the biggest game changer in the upcoming times. Google has also entered the visual search market by rolling out Google Lens that was previously available just for Pixel but is now available in the play store with support to most phones in the market. A recent research on Millenials suggested that 62% of them desired the ability to visually search. Its time markets start incorporating visual search as a part of their strategy because it is going to be a key element for future.

Influencer Marketing

In influencer marketing, individuals who have influence over potential customers are targeted by the marketing agencies so that they can further the cause of the agency. An influencer can be anybody from a photographer on Instagram to a blogger or a marketing executive. They are generally people with a decent amount of followers. Influencer marketing is becoming a new method of reaching out to potential customers in a time and cost effective manner. Due to this brands are allocating huge amounts of budget to influencer marketing. 

Voice Search

Voice search has matured a lot in the past years and is becoming a popular way to search among people. Smart speakers can be seen as the newest addition to voice search and their capabilities to perform various tasks for you with just commanding them around shows the potential that voice search holds and why it is amongst the top trends in 2019. With the giants like Amazon and Google both rolling out their respective smart speakers Alexa and Google Home that are completely based on voice search. Since many experts out there believe that voice search is going to be accountable for 50% of searches by 2020. If marketers want to be on top of their game, they seriously need to consider voice searches and tag every piece of content with meta descriptions and alt-text so that search engines can categorize and serve content to users on their voice command.

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