Falling Ranks after SEO Algorithms update of 2018?

Here’s 5 easy crucial that you should take.

Those who were sleeping over the plagiarism content which was being published in their website and the links which they were generating, Google came out with strong algorithms update for them this time. They are calling it as a global and core update which has majorly affected Medical sites which were publishing plagiarism content for over years.

SEO algorithm updates

All of their algorithms mechanism i.e Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird has been updated

Medical was the only industry which google didn’t touched upon in their previous algorithm updates, but it wasn’t the case this time. All of their algorithms mechanism i.e Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird has been updated in a manner that those websites which were using empty pages on their website or did not had any relevant content with respect to the targeted pages have been majorly affected followed by those who were merely publishing content on the name of content, without checking whether it was copied from somewhere. Like in the case of medical websites, Google ignored them because there wasn’t much of medical content available for reference.

A tweet came from Google Search Liaison on 12th of March this year which was further updated on 1st of August 2018 which clearly stated and advised the you need to build great content which will help you to rise from your competition. And this was pretty much clear that the bad site content and experience is going to be penalized.

The categories which has been most affected are: Medical and Health, Travel and tourism, Gambling, Food & Beverage, Finance & Investments and lastly Home Goods.

If your website is one of these and you are also affected and wondering what steps you should take then we are here to rescue you with 5 crucial steps that you should take based from Google policies (with reference to their core algorithm updates i.e Panda, Hummingbird and Penguin) to plan better for the future.

1. Re-design the web pages

  1. Re-design the web pages – The landing pages which were used with respect to the keywords should be listed down and a detailed analysis should be done on them. This should include from where the content was sourced, the images used on the website are royalty free or not, the interaction or engagement on the pages in terms of postings and comments are genuine or promotional/robotic. Post doing this analysis we should be able to understand why we were penalized. So, the first thing you should immediately do is remove these pages from your website and start building fresh pages with fresh content and also focus on fresh design. As if google would crawl the same design again then there are less chances that it would have any positive impact.
  2. Build new content – When google itself said that you need to build content then it’s pretty much clear that you need to “Build” the content and not just copy past the ideas or words published on some other website. Building content has so many legs which include
    1. Text Content: Talk about trending topics, give your product and service information in the form of FAQ on your website i.e present the web page in a manner that it answers the basic frequently asked questions on the page itself so that the readers and your prospective customers start to engage with the content.
    2. Infographics: People like to read less or if an information is shared with them in an information-graphic based format then it becomes even more interesting to read and share.
    3. Video Content: This is 2018, and Video content is viewed and shared 90% more than photo and text-based content. So, you should put some efforts in getting the videos that your users are looking for or your competition is unable to work on.
    4. Photo Content: This is a must, you should at least do creatives both for your own website and social media channels as this just not only help in producing content but also is a form of branding and communication. A visual with a good copy is what explain your product or solution to the target audience.
publishing your links

Man performing link building exercise by ignoring the bad links

3. Avoid building negative links: Were you publishing your links on just any website blindly? Stop doing that straight away. Before you effortlessly do this exercise, this is important to evaluate the websites on which you are targeting this exercise. For this you must check the traffic on the website, Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) and even the engagement levels the website has. As the question which will start to come in the future is, are you writing content for just google bots or humans? If Humans then it should reach out to the masses.

A web designer working on a UI/UX for a mobile and desktop site

A web designer working on a UI/UX for a mobile and desktop site

4. Build Good User experience – Many of you would wonder why is this important? The answer is quite simple i.e: are you doing SEO just to increase traffic on your website or are you looking for conversions also? If conversions is your ultimate goal then you should develop your website which your Target Audience would be interested in. Study your competition, see what exactly they are showcasing and what difference you can offer on your website. Build new features and ease for the visitors to reach to you. The website content should look like a story well told about your product and service. If you are able to achieve this, then time spent on your website would increase and Google would take a note of this to give your website more importance.

5. Re-submit your website – Okay, so once you do all the above steps then you are good to produce a fresh sitemap with good internal linking strategy on your content and submit the same in Google webmaster for indexing purpose. Post which you can start building external links to your website via good DA/PA score websites and perform social book marking to get those submissions indexed. Not to forget is the On-Page activity of your website which should check correct keywords targeted based on the content, relevant images, tags and meta information should be present. If everything is correct then once your website is re0indexed by google, it’s likely that you would start appearing in the SERP (search engine result pages) once again. However, coming back to your original ranking would take a little longer.

We hope that the above information would help you to follow the correct steps in this awful situation that you are going through after the updates. We also understand that most of these steps you might not be able to do it yourself so we would recommend to get this done via a good Digital Marketing agency or your existing SEO Agency like ours who can help you to overcome from this situation and plan for a Google digital marketing strategy that can help you get business in the coming future.

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