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Facebook has been proven itself a trendsetter and a social platform. One can use its features to get social exposure online in a strategic way. With all the normal features of social connect, now Facebook has provided an opportunity for the small business to grow their reach to a wide extent. Now a local shop can also market about themselves and that too much better than a branded firm, based only on the idea of the creativity they use. Facebook introduced its “Facebook business manager” in 2014. With the introduction, many of the small business have grown their reach to a wide extent by the use of it and have created the popularity among the people in the nation. It did not just gave the businesses to grow but also provided people exposure to the amazing things they can do. People started looking for solutions to the issues they were facing online. Introducing the businesses to Facebook was itself a great revolution to the online platforms.

The “Facebook Business Manager” grew its popularity so much that it created another platform Social Media Marketing in the world of marketing. Since the people were aware of the platform but the lack of creativity among them made them move back. Some businesses were too occupied in the daily work for the firm that they did not have the time to think about Social Media. Hence the Marketing agencies were introducing a new service for the clients. Almost every person on the internet was using Facebook for their amusement, but Facebook made it useful for people by introducing Facebook marketing. Now the public was looking at the products and was interested in them. They would think it could be useful for them and would buy it from Facebook directed to the website of the seller. It increased the sales of the seller and the popularity among the users of Facebook.

However, managing the ads on Facebook is not so easy. Since the business is already running then all you need is the details of the firm. First of all, the need is to set up the Facebook ad account from where all the ads are managed. And then Facebook will ask you for the details of your firm and after filling up all the details, a new window appears is where all the magic is done. All we need is to create the creative for the ads or just the photos of the products that you want to sell and post it there with the description. But before all of this there is a small part for building your audience where you can select the matching interest of the users who will get to see at your product so it should be created very precisely. Now, there is a location tag where you can select the locations where you want to display the ads. After this comes where Facebook will ask you to set your daily budget limit for displaying your ads. And more the budget more people you will reach in your location. But if there are not many people in the location you are targeting you have to check how much is needed to spend to target the people matching to your interest. It also asks for the duration you want to keep the ad displaying to your people. Once you are all set up and done add the details of your payment and the ads will become live for the people to look.

Once the ad is done for the day, you will start getting the analytics recorded for your analysis over the ads and the conversions you receive with the ads. These analytics are quite time-taking to understand and a person who is managing the ads for the first time should know about the terms used in the marketing to analyse it properly. And using this analysis you can know that how your ads are performing and what age group is more interested in the product and what location is more perfect for targeting the audience according to the conversions you get. With all the results analysed properly and making changes to the targets you can manage to get the sales increased easily and with the information you can target the similar location and create another set of ads that will do your branding for your new audience while another set can help you to make your audience who interacted with your ads last time that you are still in business and at the time of their need you are easily approachable for them. And these ads can run simultaneously. If a person looks at your product ad and then he reaches out and purchases it, the next ad he will see will be the other ad set you created to let them know that you are still in business and ready to serve them again. And with such simple set up you can get the sales increased, all you need is to analyse it, and catch the points that are crucial for your business.

And that is all Facebook Marketing is about. Once you’re set up analytics is the best you can get to manage your return of investments. I hope this will give you an overview for the starting with the Facebook marketing and to know more about it you can check later with my articles about “How to set up an ad account”.

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