With the clarity in its name ‘social media’, it is the medium that can help you grow your social network all around the world. According to the Internet world stats, from the initial phase of linking people, social media has grown its coverage from a handful of users to 1 billion users and still growing. Social Media was just a term until Facebook was introduced on the internet. From a room to a multimillion dollar industry Facebook brought a revolution on the internet. And soon it became a social ID for a person. And with the constant changes on the platform, Facebook took the place in the public’s heart. It bought people much closer to the people they love and being miles away from each other, they would stay in connect with each other knowing what the other person is doing and sharing every precious moment with them. This is not where the Facebook stopped. It started growing from social media to marketing platform introducing a new field for the users: Social Media Marketing.

Now, this gave a chance to a small scale industry to increase their reach. Merchants from different nations started collaborating with each other. But still, there was a lack in the expansion of the customer range. Thus began the social media marketing. Facebook started showing the ads of the products to their users and provided them with the option to contact the retailers directly. This increased the reach of the merchants. With the growing market due to Facebook other platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat started their own marketing platform. And thus started contributing towards the Social Media Marketing. Twitter, however, was socially active as an Online Reputation Management Platform for the companies. Whereas, the Snapchat was active for the creative ads of the products and would introduce cool features that would include funny stickers and emojis in the app that would be related to the product. In all of these, it was getting hard for the LinkedIn to create a new strategy and finally, they agreed on strict audience targeting. Instagram used their feature of marketing through videos and images only and promote the products directly. And since the marketing on the social media increased, audiences would directly now engage to the websites and slowly this increased the traffic on the websites due to which SEO now had to include Social Media Marketing as referrals to the websites. The simple it seems, the harder competition grew for the brands and now a smaller scale industry increased their horizon to the vast universe wherever the signal reaches out.


Being social is the best strategy for marketing. With the increasing number of small scale industries, marketing on social platforms requires the traditional concept of being updated regularly. Along with being regular, the content placed in the post must be similar to the weekdays, every week. However, the content should be different and it could be directed to the business or it can be related to the business. Keeping the content in the mind, the time of the day should be decided as which time is perfect for posting the content so that it could get more views. And the most important part of getting a boost is to post the content regularly. With the increasing number of the posts and the circle on the Social Media Platform, the visibility on the social media will increase too.

Now, starting on the Social Media Marketing we will need some basic details for the service/product we are marketing for. A full bio that would create an impression about the products or services that you are providing. Before doing that, be ready with the logo or a profile picture that would be used to set up a personal account and another service/product profile. After this, there is a need for a catchy name for the service or the profile. Making a profile for the person and a product is a very important part in the social media marketing. This is similar to creating a first impression which can last forever. The first impression is the last impression. Social Media follows the quote quite seriously. So in order to create an impression, there must be different bios according to the platforms. Social Media Marketing is based on non-intentional marketing. While an SEO is purely based on intention. This is the only point which makes the marketing tougher in Social Media than optimizing your content in SEO. In Social Media, you have to create content in such a way that the viewer cannot stop thinking about it. Different platforms of Social Media requires different bio according to the platform. Let’s say we are creating a profile for the LinkedIn account. The bio for the profile of LinkedIn account needs to be purely from the business perspective, while in Facebook you can use the bio describing most about the product or service you are offering. Once we have the profile set up for the different platforms we can ready to start with the first posting.


The phase that comes after setting up of a profile, is to start your first post related to the service or product you are offering. This is the phase where the user gets confused on what to post, whether it should be service/product related or the information related or you can start with the welcoming post. As by my experience, the page should start by posting a welcome greeting and then you can make a post for the advantages, features and exciting offers in the same flow. And then try to keep updating your platform almost every day as this should not occupy much of your time.

There are few platforms that provide a feature of running campaigns. These campaigns can provide a really good impression to the people on the Social Media and can give out really interesting performance, which might get you more queries. And with this step, you are ready to set up your business with Social Media Marketing.

In our next blog, we will discuss the different social media platforms and will provide the best platform for the kind of service/product you have to offer.

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