Conquering local Web Searches

For most of the business setups, the most important thing is to be visible to the local consumer base, better even if one can standalone amongst the competitors. In the present age of smartphones where almost everyone is a netizen, it is imperative that one champions local searches. By using Search Engine Optimization to appear at the top of the page in local searches, one can attract customer and increase engagements manifold. Any serious observer of SEO can tell that the only constant in SEO techniques is change.

We here present four SEO strategies to cope well with present-day search engine algorithms to rank higher in the searches.

  1. Informative Title and rich Meta description

One needs to be careful and creative while assigning the title and meta description of her or his webpage as exactly these two things is displayed on the search page results. This combination of title and meta description virtually acts as a mini ad for your website providing a rough idea of what is inside.

Normally, the search page results allow about 60 characters to be displayed as title and roughly 180 characters as the meta description, corresponding to the Google’s display area of 600px. It is therefore advisable to use each character space carefully and wisely. You must crosscheck that your title or meta description are not getting cut off, as it turns out to be a turn off for the audience.

To be relevant for local searches, mention the services provided and name of the area where the business provide services at the title. Don’t waste space by adding any information that is not relevant. Provide a brief and catchy as well informative description in the meta description.

  1. Enroll into online directories and obtain citations

It is a big missed opportunity if one fails to enlist into online directories. Every four person out of five now uses online search engines to perform local searches, points out Google. One must try to get enlisted in the directories maintained by local newspapers, Chambers of Commerce and other reputed local listings. Be careful to avoid wrong information, misspelling, or inaccurate descriptions on the online directories. Inconsistent data at different directories may result in your featuring at the bottom of the Search Engine Result Page. Even worse, search engines with rich algorithms, like Goggle, may even not display your page.

  1. Claim your Google My Business Page

Though Google My Page is an online directory in itself but it asks for special mention by virtue of its popularity, usefulness and friendliness to netizens. It is a free service provided by Google where you can enlist your business by enrolling to the Google verifies the physical presence of your business by sending a postcard containing a secret PIN to the address you have entered at You just need to enter the PIN received into the designated slot online. Give precise and concise description your business, mention your working hours, kind of payment you accept, upload photos and logo, and so on.

  1. Get Great Reviews on online platforms

As per Google’s own words – “high–quality, positive reviews from your customers will improve your business’s visibility”. It is important that your business earns Five Star ratings and great reviews from your customers. About 80% people, nowadays, trust online reviews and 70% customers give reviews if asked to do so. It is very important that you earn positive reviews about your business at as online platforms as possible. Having said that, it is of utmost significance to receive great customer ratings and reviews at your business’s Google My Business and Facebook pages.

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