SEO Trends To Watch out For In 2018!

The Search Engine Optimization or SEO is meant to optimize the quality and quantity of traffic to a website through ranking at the top in search engine results. It, therefore, is bound to evolve with time to match the ever-changing search engine algorithms. The full proof SEO practices of the yesteryears or even today’s may become obsolete tomorrow. To remain competitive, the SEO practices have to be improvised. It is now imperative to ponder on the SEO strategy especially in regards to whether to build on the past SEO techniques that had been successful or to devices an all-new strategy. Here are a few SEO trends that should be highly productive as the year 2018 progresses-

  • Careful Structuring of Rich Snippets: Structuring snippets properly had always been an important aspect to draw more mouse clicks. It is an imperative now that one formats the rich snippets very carefully as its appearance has the potential to either attract or turn off the traffic. Moreover, more the information in the snippet, higher is the chance of a visitor clicking the link. Though the rich snippet does not directly affect the search engine ranking, it significantly determines the amount of clicking on the link.
  • Page Speed: Page speed is one of the most pivotal factors to regulate the ranking in searches. Google recommends that the loading speed of your page should be less than three seconds. Slower page loading speed lowers search rankings as it induces lower time on page, higher bounce rate, and fewer pages crawling by the search engine. One may add the following tweaks to enhance page loading speed – reduce redirects, optimize image size, use a limited number of plugins, optimize the website code, and cache the website pages.
  • Rich and Relevant Content: Making sure that the pages contain in-depth and relevant information regarding the subject. Modern search engines like Google champions the cause of netizens’ maximum satisfaction. They tend to rank the websites highest which tend to satisfy the intent of the search. Google’s latent semantic indexing actually compares a websites’ content with billion others to check its relevance as per the search query.
  • Smartphone Era: The smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s life nowadays. It is therefore of paramount importance that a website is smartphone-friendly to remain on the top of search result page.
  • Voice Search Friendly: Voice searches have now almost taken commonplace. Each search engine is evolving to enhance voice searches and read all the accents and tones accurately. With voice searches becoming more common, new SEO practices have to include more colloquial terms and phrases in their SEO strategy as people usually type formal language whereas while speaking we often tend to use very informal words and ways.
  • Linkless Backlinks: Backlinks had always been a primary method of SEO but recent studies have revealed that a mere mention of the name of the website at different and diverse websites enhances search engine rankings. Though it seems counter-intuitive but the mention of the web page or brand name, even without its backlink, will better the ranking. It is therefore of higher value to get the brand’s name published in websites of high repute, say a university, newspaper or large organization.
  • Building Repo: Building repo or link with people has always been the key will remain so. It is more about building quality link with people. A website may always follow techniques like guest posting, web directories, building relationship within its support group etc. And finally, ensure rich content to make your SEO strategy a success in 2018.

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