Optimizing Your Website for Voice Searches

Voice search has now become a mainstream search option. With the increasing popularity of devices like Alexa, Siri etc, voice search is all set to take over the conventional forms, especially for the searches associated with the daily needs and day-to-day life. Presently, there are 33 million voice-first devices in circulation. As per a survey by AIM for SEO trends for 2017 and beyond, voice search appeared at the third spot. Furthermore, CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, states that one-fifth of the Google’s search queries are performed via voice search. Though young adults are found to be listed in favor of voice search, elders too are becoming savvy with voice searches. It is imperative that the website cope itself for optimized voice search to remain competitive.

Following are four ways to optimize your website for voice searches

  1. HTTPS framework Compatibility

The first step towards optimizing your website to Alexa, or Siri or even Google voice search is to make your website HTTPS framework compatible. It has been found that an HTTPS framework compatible is likely to generate much more website traffic from voice searches as compared to others. Believe it or not, it is observed that 65% of traffic generated from voice searches results in getting directed towards websites with HTTPS. The statistic itself advocates the evolution of your website to HTTPS compatible framework.

  1. Enhance credibility

Though this point comes after the step of getting HTTPS for your website, it is even more important to increase the credibility of your website. The prerequisite for the same is to have quality content, authentic data, and high citations. You don’t need to include everything or a big name to be credible but you can be an authority within your niche. If you don’t have great content then you need to work on it. Add high-quality multimedia, include expert opinions. Make your design better, earn more social media shares, get links to your website published on other similar websites. They will make you the leader in the field. One thing that is a characteristic of voice search is that most traffic goes to the most authoritative website.

  1. Faster loading time

Make sure that your website loads real fast. To be precise, your website must load in less than 4.6 seconds to keep the visitor interested. This actually means that your website needs to be 50% faster than an average webpage. The faster your webpage loads, greater is the traffic you are going to get. If your webpage loading is not fast enough, you are just not going to get the traffic.

  1. Short answers within your content

It is important to have short answers with your long textual content. Search engines, including voice search, always give higher value to longer content that is search engines values a 2000 word page higher than a content of 600 words. More the content you have, richer is the indexing by Google, associating more terms to your content. But you must have short answers within. For instance, if you are writing an article about dietary habits of Indians, you may add a question asking what dietary habit is. Then follow it with an answer with one or two short sentences. This is an example of in-depth content. Such in-depth content and headers within the content help Google to give people the answers. Moreover, with voice search, it has now become a fad that people ask colloquial questions to the voice device. It is, therefore, all more important to have questions and short answers within your content.


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