A List of Free Tools Available to Perform a Complete optimization to Your Website

The idea of creation will always revolve around a wonderful journey to help you recreate, reinvent and rebuilt yourself. The site of your website will leave a direct impression of your company upon its target audience. Due to this you cannot miss out a single opportunity to perform a complete makeover or last minute touch up to your website. Even if it’s a website, it too deserves to look good and feel good.

Thankfully there are some extremely useful tools available to help us drive a complete optimization to our website. And the best part is that they are all free, none require you to download software or invest so much of energy in creating an account.


  • WEBSITE REPORT CARD: Want to get a quick knowledge of how your website performs? com will perform critical analysis of your website and evaluate it around certain parameters which include its basic performance, social image, keywords, site description and other SEO elements.

The free version of SEMrush provides a Site Audit tool that provides your website a comprehensive technical audit and flags issues that needs to be dealt with utmost seriousness.

  • MOBILE FRIENDLINESS: Mobile internet drives more than half of the entire web traffic, so it becomes highly important that your site offers a great mobile-friendly experience to its smart phone users. To test if your site is mobile-compatible, take Google’s Mobile Friendly Test to see if your website meets Google’s mobile requirements.
  • PAGE SPEED: If your website lacks speed it is probably going to be major turn off for your customers making them to turn away from your website. To make sure your website isn’t irritating its customers and getting dinged by Google for its tortoise like slow load times, make your site’s URL access a free page speed tool such as GT metrix, Pingdom, WebPageTest or Google’s PageSpeed Insights to ensure that site load times and scores high on a variety of factors.
  • SEO AUDIT: The Found SEO Audit Tool will provide a quick audit of the SEO on your website, pin pointing at the technical and content concerns and the overall quality of your site’s external links.

Varvy’s SEO tool offers a quick SEO overview to the site’s links, number of likes, public shares, recent mentions, keywords and much more.

  • ACCESIBILITY: Remember that your site will only be readable if it will be easily reachable to its audience. The term accessibility means that your website can be used by anyone including those with visual hearing or other impairments.

To check out your site’s accessibility, just enter your URL in the Website Accessibility Evaluation Tool (WAVE) to detect errors and some helpful tips to meet accessibility standards.

  • SEARCH TRENDS: The one question- What are people looking for online? The answer to this question can help you create relevant content ideas to solve your customer’s queries. Google Trends shows you the ‘mostly-searched’ terms over time.
  • KEYWORDS: If you need a word bank to power your creative ability to use and produce more keywords. Then you must use Keyword Tool that helps generate hundreds of keywords using your seed term and results from the autocomplete section of Google, You tube, Bing and the App Store.

CONTENT COPY AND DUPLICATION: No one has the jurisdiction to copy any content from your website without your permission. To make sure your website remains secure and free from the harmful situation of brutal malfunction; you will need to enter a URL into Copyscape to check for any similar content across the web.

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